Battery pack for smart home outdoor Led Lights

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Battery pack for smart home outdoor Led Lights

Battery characters:

Battery type: Lithium ion battery/Li-ion battery     packs.jpg

Battery Voltage: 3.7V / 7.4v / 11.1V /customize  

Style: Flat top / Button top

Nominal capacity: 8mAh~20000mAh

Standard discharge current: 0.5C

Working temperature: -20~60℃

OEM: with tabs, PCM, Connectors, Battery packs

Certificates: CE, ROSH, UL, IEC62133,UN38.3

Different configuration is available, can be packsed in 

various shapes, capacities and voltages.

Applications include: 

Flashlight, Toy, Laser Pointer, Fan, Household Application, Bedside Lampetc.


Lithium ion battery for Led Lights solution characteristics: 

● Very safe

● Light weight

● Fast charge

● Suitable for low temperature and high temperature

● Large capacity,high energy density

● Diversified appearance, and flexible design

● Small size,the shape can be customized

Li ion battery for 5G IOT devices(图2)

Choices for smart home outdoor Led Lights:




LiFePO4 batteries.jpg

Lipo battery

Rechargeable solution

 Ultra thin battery

 Primary solution

        LiMnO2 battery

        Primary solution

   LiSOCL2 battery

    Primary solution

LiFePO4 batteries

Rechargeable solution                           

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