Business rules

SER should comply with:

Provide excellent products and services and maintain product safety

Cultivate good relationships with customers, suppliers and partners

Maintain and promote fair competition

Respect intellectual property

Avoid conflicts of interest

Protect commercial confidentiality

Conduct fair transactions

Protect SER assets and property and ensure proper usage

Undertake responsible mineral procurement

Circular economy

SER has adopted a circular economy model for its operations as a way to reduce waste and protect the environment. This holistic ecosystem applies to the totality of our operations, from Ultra thin battery' R&D to our manufacturing system. SER also owns the core technology of raw materials, Lipo battery cells, LiFePO4 batteries systems and Portable power station battery recycling.

Green production

We aim to achieve a completely green production process We strictly monitor the treatment of wastewater through a sewage treatment station, and the solid waste can be recycled.

Environmental health and safety

SER has created a garden-like factory, the factory green coverage is up to 30%, and established a reliable system of occupational safety and health for all employees.

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