Employee Benefits

SER group invests many resources in talent acquisition and employee development. We provide employees many opportunities for personal and professional growth. 


SER will provide exceptional trainings for employees. There are three major types of training.

1. Required: company information and culture, OA System training, ERP usage training, business etiquette, and operation safety measures.

2. Electives: project management, company structure management and operations flow, intellectual property policies.

3. Seminars:

   a) department: seminars by HR and other appropriate departments, including: case study, hands-on practice, topic panels, etc.

     b) outside channels: hosted by other training organizations. Channels: open courses, extensive training, simulations, 

         business field research, panels and further education. Participation: employee application and/or company assignment. 

Benefits and Care:

Pay is competitive at SER. The compensation system focuses on fairness and individual contributions. Bonus is largely linked to individual performances.

SER believes that every employee deserves our best care, which includes:

1.   legal benefits: national holidays, social securities, social healthcare insurance, workplace insurance, parental insurance;

2.   company healthcare: private healthcare insurance, annual checkup, sports club memberships (badminton, soccer, basketball, hiking);

3.   other benefits:

    a) company shuttle, PTO, department allowance, parental gifts, hospital stay support, holiday gifts, long-term service appreciation

      b) employee/team performance awards, annual company trips, Guangzhou immigration support (provide legal support for employees over 2 years)

        c) cultural events: new year celebration, birthday parties, Fun Sports Fair, Karaoke night

SER requires its HR department and all managers/supervisors to pay attention to the well-being of employees. Managers are encouraged to create an open environment of trust and understanding. HR is always there to provide help for employees in benefit policies, personal assistance, etc.

Growth and Development:

Career planning:

SER provides career planning to help employees achieve their goals. It will assist employees manage their talents and passions to advance in their careers.

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