CP303450 SER GROUP 3v prismatic CP303450 1250mAh ultra thin limno2 battery 3v Li-MnO2 ultra Slim batteries

CP303450 Ultra thin battery 3.0V lithium battery flat Li/Mno2 batteries

  • Model NO.:CP303450
  • Voltage:3.0V
  • Capacity:1250mAh
  • Shape:rectangular, prismatic
  • Battery Size:3.0*34*50mm
  • Brand:SER or OEM
  • Working temperature:-40℃~+70℃
  • Applications:RFID active card, Alarm or security equipment (smoke detector,alarm system), Asset tracking system(animal, container,person tracking), Medical equipment, Life Jacket Light

CP303450 SER GROUP 3v prismatic CP303450 1250mAh ultra thin limno2 battery 3v Li-MnO2 ultra Slim batteries

Specification of CP303450 prismatic limno2 battery:

3.0V CP303450 Prismatic LiMNO2 battery
Capacity 1250mAh @ 1 mA to 2.0 V @ 23° C
ElectricalConstant Discharge Current100mA
Pulse Discharge Current

400 mA,

Varies according to pulse characteristics, cell history and the application, Consult SER GROUP

PhysicalTerminals/ ConnectorNickel Tabs(Stainless steel optional) or OEM
OthersWorking Temperature-20-65℃
Storage Temperature-5~35℃
Self-life rate≤ 2%


Features of LMNO2 battery:

1.Superior Safety         


2.High power, Higher discharge rate is supported.

3.Long storage life

4.Lighter weight

5.Increased Flexibility

6.Energy density is high

7.     Stable operating voltage;

8.     Wide Operating temperature range;

9.      The shape can be customized

10.  Excellent discharge and charge characteristics

11. Thin thickness, We can make Li-MnO2 soft battery as thin as 0.4-0.6mm, which is perfect for smart card, security card, RFID ,ETC, Tags, Alarm system and more applications.

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Ultra thin battery catalogue(图1)

Prismatic LiMNO2 battery thin soft Pouch cell Catalogue

                                LiMnO2 thin Soft Pouch Cell
ModelNormal VoltageNormal   CapacityMax. Discharge  
    current   (mA)
Max. Pulse
    Capability (mA)
Dimension        (mm)Operating
CP08292236010200.8*29.5*22.5-20℃~ +71℃1.5
CP0836453250501000.8*36.5*45.5-20℃~ +71℃3
CP0842483320501000.8*45.5*48-20℃~ +71℃3
CP10424834001002001.0*45.5*48-20℃~ +71℃3.7
CP113130316510501.15*31*30-20℃~ +71℃1.5
CP11495133801002001.1*49*51-20℃~ +71℃3.7
CP15335034001002001.55*33*50-20℃~ +71℃4
CP16335034501002001.6*33*50-20℃~ +71℃4
CP16484835201002001.6*48*48-20℃~ +71℃4
CP223638350010020022*36*38-20℃~ +71℃4.5
CP22383033801003002.3*38.5*30.5-20℃~ +71℃3.6
CP22424838502004002.2*42*48-20℃~ +71℃7
CP2525253240501002.6*25*25-20℃~ +71℃1.5
CP26363837001002002.6*36*38-20℃~ +71℃6
CP28131435010202.85*13.5*14.5-20℃~ +71℃1.5
CP28363637001503002.8*36*36-20℃~ +71℃6.5
CP302650310303005003.0*27*52-20℃~ +71℃7
CP302675314503507003.2*26.5*75-20℃~ +71℃11
CP303450312503005003.0*34*50-20℃~ +71℃10
CP37244037001503003.7*24*40-20℃~ +71℃6.5
CP383147F313503005004.3*31.5*47.5-40℃~ +60℃11
CP40183034001002004.1*18.5*30-20℃~ +71℃3.7
CP403346313003005004.1*33*46-20℃~ +71℃11
CP403838315006009004.1*38*38-20℃~ +71℃11
CP4050503245050010004.0*50*50-20℃~ +71℃21
CP40555533000100030004.1*55.5*55.5-20℃~ +71℃23
CP40706034300100030004.1*70.5*60.5-20℃~ +71℃32
CP5020253420501505.0*20.5*25-20℃~ +71℃4
CP50242535302003005.1*24*25-20℃~ +71℃4.5
CP502440312003005005.2*24*40-20℃~ +71℃9
CP50252535502003005.3*25*25-20℃~ +71℃4.5
CP502537312003005005.1*25*37-20℃~ +71℃9.5
CP503333312004008005.0*33*33-20℃~ +71℃9
CP552338310003005005.5*23*38-20℃~ +71℃7
CP55262336302003005.5*27*23-20℃~ +71℃6.5
CP553145317004008005.5*31*45-20℃~ +71℃14.5
CP603147319004008006.0*31*47-20℃~ +71℃19
CP6034483240050010006.0*34*48-20℃~ +71℃21
CP6034503240050010006.0*34*50-20℃~ +71℃21
CP60505033800100020006.0*50*50-20℃~ +71℃31
CP6052164315000300050006.1*52.5*164.5-20℃~ +71℃106
CP651848312004008006.5*17.5*48.5-20℃~ +71℃8.5
CP702236313003005007.2*22*36-20℃~ +71℃11
CP702340315005009003.0*27*75-20℃~ +71℃11
CP702440313003005007.0*24*40-20℃~ +71℃11
CP7052164317000300050007.1*52.5*164.5-20℃~ +71℃118
CP75456035000150030007.5*44.5*60-20℃~ +71℃36
CP8043115312000300050008.0*43*115-20℃~ +71℃83
CP80466035500150030008.0*46.5*60.5-20℃~ +71℃38
CP8258160322000300050008.2*58.5*160.5-20℃~ +71℃171
CP8544115313500300050008.5*44.5*115.5-20℃~ +71℃89
CP90345033500100020009.0*34*50-20℃~ +71℃29

Prismatic LiMNO2 battery Applications:

  Main applications:

1. Nonstop charging system;                                                                       2. Intelligent parking lot ;

3. Container identification;                                                                          4. Vehicle charge check; 

5. Mine personnel identification;                                                                6. Automated railcar identification management;

7. Automated road charge management;                                                   8. Automated voyage passengers luggage identification ;

9. Vehicle entry and exit control;                                                                10.Compus all-purpose card;

11.Repasting card and public transportation card;                                     12.Associator card, drive license card, and health card;

13.Animal identification(raising cattle, sheep, pigeon,etc);                         14.Automate management of logistic and storage;

15.Automobile remote control lock;                                                             16.Intellectualized door etc.

Ultra thin battery catalogue(图4)


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