SER CP803665 Ultra-thin Limno2 Battery 3.0V primary Soft Package lithium manganese battery

SER CP803665 Soft Package Li-MnO2 Battery 3.0V lithium manganese battery primary ultra thin lipo battery

  • Model NO.:CP803665
  • Voltage:3.0V
  • Capacity:5000mAh
  • Shape:Soft Package,flat
  • Battery Size:8*36*65mm
  • Brand:SER or OBM
  • Working temperature:-40℃~+70℃
  • Applications:Tracking, Smart card, active RFID, Smoke Detector, Alarm
Specification of CP803665 Soft Package Li-MnO2 Battery:



CP803665 Soft Package Li-MnO2 Battery





5000mAh @ 0.2C to 2.0 V @ 23° C




Constant Discharge Current


Max Discharge Current

1500 mA


Terminals/ Connector

Nickel Tabs, wire, plug or OEM


Working Temperature

-20 +70℃

Storage Temperature



Tracking, Smart card, active RFID, Smoke Detector, Alarm


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Features of CP603048 Soft Package Li-MNO2 battery:

1. Li-MnO2 Soft Batteries

2. High Voltage up to 3.0V

3. High Energy Density up to 450Wh/kg

4. Wide Operating Temperatue Range

5. Long Shelf Life 

7. Variable Deisgn, light weight 

8. No voltage delay or passivation

9. Most importmant: Greater Safety to meet customers' requirement for special applications.


One-stop Customized Service

What customized services can be provided according to customers' needs?

1. a) We provide customized services for LOGO, pattern, etc. required by you 

2. b) We provide customized service for processingthe electric core into the terminal wire

3. c) We provide customized services for square lithium manganese battery cells, and design new batteries according to your proposed capacity, size, current, etc. 

4. d) We provide customized services for battery packs. According to your design requirements for battery packs, we provide corresponding design schemes and sign a transaction order after you confirm the specifications. 

5. e) We provide purchasing services, and we can provide relevant purchasing services according to your needs.

What SER customized services Advantages:

1.  Professional Manufacturing

Integrate R&D/ Production/sales

We provides complete solutions for your battery system according to your requirements - standard cells and custom packs, from simple cells to intelligent battery packs for the most demanding applications.

2. Customization

The proposal you submitted can be completed on time.

Our battery experts will be happy to advise you on which of these cells is best suited for your application. Equipped with the expertise from countless successfully completed projects, our experts will also find the perfect solution for your requirement profile and will advise you on request directly at your site.

3. Quick Sample

Normally 7 days quick sample time. 15-20 day mold-developing time

4. Delivery Guarantee

 Deliver goods on time according to the agreed time. By express,air or by sea are matured.

5. Complete Models

Battery stytles and models are complete.

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6. After-sales service

Professional customer service after-sales follow-up.

We follow up each customer's needs as a project, as a baby to take care.Sincerely hope each project will develop better and better, and we will work together to bring the products to market faster.

Battery Structure Diagram Display:

 Li-MnO2 Soft Batteries Structure Diagram Display



As a professional manufacturer in the lithium battery industry, SER Battery has a variety of lithium batteriess, including

 1.  low-temperature battery,

  2. high-rate Lipo battery and 

   3. normal soft-pack batteries.

If you want a custom size & capacity of li polymer battery, it's also friendly for us.

Our experienced engineers and advanced technology will give you safe, excellent and fast design solution, giving your product a competitive edge over competitors.

All we do what we want to help you to start your good idea.



 Widely used for :       

 The Best Choice for the Following Applications 

1. smart mobile phone,electronic products, GPS tracking,GPRS Navigation. 

2. Internet of things: Bank card/multi-function card/active radio frequency tag RFID

3. Active electronic tag/recorder, ETC Card,Highway Card, campus card, subway card,Access Card, smart hotel room card, etc. 

4. Wearable devices: smart wrist smart belt, PET Activity Monitor temperature patch, smart glasses, health monitoring instrumentsexercise meter, etc

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Have not find a suitable battery for your prototype?
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