T6017381 IRDV-M 160C high temperature battery

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T6017381 IRDV-M 160C high temperature battery

The Intelligent Recirculation Valve (IRDV) is a highly integrated and intelligent valve system designed for complex testing and oil testing applications. Its core feature is the combination of traditional test valves and recirculation valves, and the introduction of advanced electronic and mechanical technology to achieve precise and reliable switching control. The high temperature LiSOCl2 battery pack for T6017381 IRDV-M 160°C is a specialized battery system designed for use in extreme high-temperature environments. It is specifically tailored for applications where temperatures may exceed 150°C, such as in aviation, aerospace, and missile systems.


The main advantages of IRDV include:

Intelligent control: Through microprocessors and preset control algorithms, IRDV can automatically adjust the switching state based on real-time conditions and operational requirements. This not only simplifies the operation process, but also improves the accuracy and consistency of testing.

Integrated design: IRDV integrates the functions of test valve and circulation valve into one, greatly reducing the number of devices and connection complexity. This design also means fewer failure points and more efficient fluid paths, thus improving the reliability and efficiency of the testing process.

Efficient circulation: The circulation valve function of IRDV allows for effective fluid circulation during testing. This is crucial for removing downhole deposits, improving the accuracy of test data, and accelerating the oil testing process in some cases.

High temperature resistance: IRDV usually uses special materials and coating technology to maintain stable performance under high temperature conditions. This makes it particularly suitable for testing and production testing operations in deep wells and high temperature reservoirs.This high-temperature battery pack offers several key features that make it suitable for extreme temperature conditions. 

Remote monitoring and control: With built-in sensors and communication modules, IRDV can be integrated with upper-level control systems to enable remote monitoring and control. This provides real-time data and warning functions for field engineers, helping to detect and resolve potential issues in a timely manner.

Easy to maintain and upgrade: The design of IRDV makes it easy to disassemble, maintain, and upgrade. Regular maintenance can ensure its long-term stable operation, while software or hardware upgrades can adapt to changing testing requirements and technological advances.

Environmentally friendly: IRDV has considered environmental protection requirements during the design and manufacturing process, and strives to reduce the negative impact on the environment through the use of materials and processes. In addition, due to its efficient testing process, it also helps reduce resource consumption in oil testing operations.


In summary, the intelligent test valve (IRDV) is a key technological advancement in modern oil testing operations. It improves the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of the testing and oil testing process through integrated design, intelligent control, and optimized fluid management. With continued technological advancement and increased application demand, IRDV may further develop in the future to meet more complex and diverse testing needs.High-temperature batteries play an important role as essential components:

Firstly, High temperature LiSOCL2 battery pack has a high energy density, which means it can store more power per unit volume or weight. This is essential for applications where weight and space are limited.

Secondly, High temperature LiSOCL2 battery pack has good cycle performance, which means it can be charged and discharged multiple times without significant loss of capacity or efficiency. This is important for applications where batteries may be used repeatedly over long periods of time.

Thirdly, the high temperature LiSOCl2 battery pack for T6017381 IRDV-M 160°C has a long service life, which means it can remain functional and reliable for a long time. This is crucial for applications where batteries may be used in remote or difficult-to-access locations, where replacement or servicing may be difficult or costly.

Finally, the battery pack is made from materials that are stable at high temperatures, which means it can withstand temperatures of up to 160°C without damage or loss of performance. This is essential for applications where exposure to extreme high temperatures is common or unavoidable.


In summary, the high temperature LiSOCl2 battery pack for T6017381 IRDV-M 160°C is a highly suitable option for applications that require high-performance, long-lasting, and reliable energy storage in extreme high-temperature environments. It offers excellent energy density, cycle performance, and temperature tolerance, making it an excellent choice for demanding applications in aviation, aerospace, and missile systems.

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