T6017090 Lithium Battery 4S 165C

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T6017090 Lithium Battery 4S 165C

The T6017090 Lithium SOCl2 Battery 14.4V 165℃ is a high-temperature battery designed for use in steam sterilizers and other high-temperature applications. It features a voltage of 14.4V and a temperature rating of 165℃, making it suitable for use in harsh and extreme conditions.

The battery features: 11.jpg

Item: High temperature LiSOCL2 Battery Pack 

Rated voltage: 14.4V

Nominal capacity: 9.0Ah

Maximum pulse current: 500mA

Maximum external dimension: Ф 24.65mm × 717.55mm

Operating temperature- 40℃~150℃/180℃



Chemical composition


Operating temperature range, ºС

25 to 165


Up to 250 g, 2 ms, 12000 cycles

Number   of cells


Minimum   voltage, V

14,4 DC

Capacity, Ah*h


Lithium composition, g

2.9 for 1 cell

11.6 for   the battery

Dimensions:   length, mm diameter, mm



Weight, kg


The T6017090 Lithium SOCl2 Battery uses the stable chemistry of lithium and sulfuryl chloride (LiSOCl2) to provide reliable power supply in high-temperature environments. It is enclosed in a robust casing to protect the sensitive components from external impacts and moisture, ensuring reliable performance under demanding conditions.


The battery is equipped with safety features such as pressure-relief valves and temperature sensors to ensure safe operation at elevated temperatures. It is designed for use in steam sterilizers, where the temperature can reach extremely high levels, and powers the equipment's internal components, such as the control system and heating elements, during the sterilization process.


The T6017090 Lithium LiSOCl2 Battery offers several advantages for use in steam sterilizers:

Safety: The robust casing and safety features provide protection against external impacts, moisture, and other environmental factors that can compromise battery performance.

Ease of Use: The disposable design of the battery simplifies the sterilization process by eliminating the need for users to monitor or maintain the battery. They can simply be replaced with a new battery after each sterilization cycle.

Reliability: The stable chemistry of the LiSOCl2 battery ensures consistent performance in the extreme heat environment of steam sterilization, providing reliable power supply for the sterilizer's internal components.

Long Lifespan: The high-temperature battery has a long lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and associated downtime during steam sterilization operations.

Overall, the T6017090 Lithium SOCl2 Battery 14.4V 165℃ offers a reliable and efficient power solution for steam sterilizers, ensuring continuous operation and optimal performance during the sterilization process.

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