High Temperature battery ER321250S 3.6V 28Ah 32127MR DD size Li-SOCl2 Battery

High Temperature battery ER321250S 3.6V 28Ah 32127MR DD size Li-SOCl2 Battery for Oil Drilling 125C 150C Degree Downhole

  • Model NO.:ER321250S
  • Voltage:3.6V
  • Capacity:28Ah
  • Shape:Cylindrical
  • Battery Size:32*1250
  • Brand:SER or OEM
  • Working temperature:-40~+150℃
  • Applications:Downhole Oil & Gas MWD, LWD,Sensor system,Wireless and military equipment,Tracking system,Pipeline inspection gauge

High Temperature battery ER321250S 3.6V 28Ah 32127MR DD size Li-SOCl2 Battery

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High temperature Battery ER321250S Features:                                                                                           

Recommended battery model parameters:QQ截图20240423104659.jpg

Battery model: ER321250S LiSOCL2 battery

Battery brand: SER  32125MR

Battery performance index

1. Battery capacity: (23±2℃, 100mA/2.0V) 28Ah

2. Open circuit voltage: ≥3.64V

3. Chemical Composition: Li-SOCl2

4. Continuous working currents: 600mA 

5. Large pulse working current:  1200mA    

6. Operating temperature range: -40~+150℃

7. Battery storage life: 10 years 

(Storange: clean, below +20℃,  dry and ventilated.)

Available Terminations S:Standard Terminations Special Termination are aviable upon request T: Solder Tabs P:Axial Pins

The ER321250S battery belongs to the 32127MR DD size family, a series known for its high energy density and long shelf life. The Li-SOCl2 chemistry employed in this battery provides a high operating voltage and excellent energy-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for use in remote and inaccessible locations where weight and space are limited.

The High Temperature battery ER321250S represents a significant advancement in battery technology. Its unique Li-SOCl2 chemistry, combined with its high-temperature capabilities and long shelf life, make it an ideal power source for a wide range of applications in extreme environments. Whether it's powering industrial equipment in hot climates, supporting military operations in desert regions, or storing solar energy in remote locations, the ER321250S battery provides a reliable and efficient solution that meets the demands of today's challenging environments.

ER321250S High temperature LiSOCL2 Battery Advantages

One of the key features of the ER321250S is its ability to operate at high temperatures. Unlike many other battery types that suffer from performance degradation or even failure when exposed to elevated temperatures, the Li-SOCl2 chemistry of the ER321250S remains stable and efficient even in extreme heat. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for use in industrial equipment, military hardware, and other applications that operate in hot environments or under conditions that generate significant heat.


In addition to its high-temperature capabilities, the ER321250S battery also exhibits a long shelf life. Thanks to the stability of the Li-SOCl2 chemistry, this battery can maintain its charge for extended periods of time without the need for frequent recharging or replacement. This is a crucial advantage in scenarios where batteries may need to be stored for long periods before use, such as in emergency backup systems or remote monitoring stations.

The ER321250S battery's design also incorporates safety features that protect it from overcharging, overheating, and other potential hazards. These measures ensure that the battery remains safe and reliable even under stressful operating conditions.




The versatility of the ER321250S battery is further demonstrated by its use in a wide range of devices and systems. From oil and gas exploration equipment to aerospace instrumentation, this battery provides a reliable power source that can withstand the challenges of extreme environments. Its high-temperature tolerance makes it particularly suitable for use in downhole drilling operations, where temperatures can reach well above typical battery operating limits.

In the military sector, the ER321250S battery finds applications in equipment that must operate in desert environments or other hot climates. Its ability to maintain performance under such conditions is crucial for mission success, as it ensures that critical systems and instrumentation remain operational even in the harshest environments.

Moreover, the ER321250S battery is also finding its way into the renewable energy sector. In solar-powered systems, for example, this battery can provide a reliable storage solution for energy generated during daylight hours, ensuring a consistent power supply even when the sun is not shining. Its long shelf life and high-temperature tolerance make it an excellent choice for use in remote solar installations, where maintenance and replacement can be challenging.

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With three producing bases, sixteen 

advanced manufacturing lines, over 

1650 staff, we can produce 20000,00 

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Founded in 2004, Guangzhou Ser 

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ER18505M Power type 3.6V A size Primary Lisocl2 Batteries Flat Top Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery(图4)
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ER18505M Power type 3.6V A size Primary Lisocl2 Batteries Flat Top Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery(图6)

Efficient and innovative R & D team 

helps the company lead in product 

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Product Advantage

  1. Full range of battery categories

  17 years of development, SER have
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  The perfect protection IC has been used,
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 3. Excellent and stable performance

  Strict control for cleanliness in dust-free
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  4. OEM & ODM Ability

  Professional engineers have rich 
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