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Lipo 595080 with BQ27200210

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  • Lipo 595080 with BQ27200210
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Product Abstract:

Li polymer battery 2950mAh with BQ27200,BQ27210 IC, detect and display the remaining capacity by current Standard Voltage: 7.4V Standard Capacity: 2950mAh

Product Description

Lithium polymer battery


2.Capacity: 2950mAh

3.Voltage: 7.4V

Applications of battery :wireless phone and other digital products

Max.Charge Current:1C

Max.Continuous discharge Current: 1C

Cycle Life (80% Prime Capacity) : >500times

Max.Charge Voltage8.4V

Nominal Voltage: 7.4V

Discharge Cut-off Voltage:3V

Feature: light and thin, safe and reliable, long circle life, no memory, leakproof, pollution-free, stable performance

Special Recommend: the battery pack will be installed BQ27210 or BQ27200 IC, which is used for detecting and displaying the left capacity through current. Very precise.

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