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SER Battery Technology as the leading provider of world class reliable and cost effective lithium battery power systems. With business going global and competition becoming intense, the company has equipped itself to deliver better, faster and more cost-effective than ever before. SER battery has a professional team of highly qualified engineers who can articulate the passion and vision of the organization and constitute teams with the energy to perform at higher levels. The collective attitudes, skills and abilities of people have contributed to improved organizational performance.


SER Battery Technology is a manufacturer of power systems for harsh environment and high reliability requirements, with focus on quality, time schedule and cost-effectiveness. Complete manufacturing activities are under one roof. Extensive in-process inspection facilities are coupled with post manufacture screening to deliver unprecedented reliability levels.



What We Produce:


The main products of SERUI are as below:


LiSOCL2 battery LiMNO2 battery Lipo battery Thin battery
E-Vehicle Batteries Battery Pack Solutions Cylindrical Batteries NiMH Batteries







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