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Ultra thin li-polymer battery

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Product Abstract:

1.ultra thin as a paper(0.4mm) 2.capacity:10-40mAh 3.nominal voltage:3.7V 4.longer cycle life

Product Description

SER has succeeded in the development of an ultrathin, flexible, rechargeable Polymer Battery. The thickness of such Ultrathin Polymer-Li Battery (UPLB) is only 0.40mm. Most materials used in the rechargeable battery are polymer and organic. Therefore, it is remarkably flexible and pliant. In addition, this new-type of rechargeable battery is not only ultrathin and flexible, but it is also environmentally friendly as unlike conventional rechargeable batteries, it does not contain any harmful heavy metals, such as mercury, lead or cadmium.

Key features of the newly developed battery include:
   (1) An exceedingly thin structure (500 microns), which will enable it to be embedded into objects such as smart credit cards and intelligent paper in the future.
   (2) A pliant and bendable structure, as flexible plastics are used as the battery material.
   (3) High operating voltage 3.6, which powers all CPU and electronics.
   (4) High energy density of approximately 2 mWh (mili Watt hour) per square centimeter. This means, for example, that if the UPLB was used in an active RFID device, it would support up to approximately several tens of thousands of signal transmissions on a single charge.
   (5) Long cycle life, the battery can be recharged for several hundreds of cycles.
   (6) No memory effect.
   (7) Low self-discharge rate, less than 10% per month.
   (8) Excellent safety characteristics.
   (9) Environmentally friendly, it does not contain any harmful metals.
   (10) Lamination processing temperature is 100°C for 60s, 120°C for 20s and 140°C for 5s. 

    Applications for Ultrathin Polymer-Li Battery:
   (1) Smart banking cards and credit cards;
   (2) Medical and health devices;
   (3) Active RFID devices for luggage storage and transportation under special safety and security regulations;
   (4) Military, CIA and FBI special uses.            


Al foil
32.5 X 51.5
.40 mm
40 mAh
3.7 V
40 mA
-20C° to 60C°
Al foil
32.5 X 28.5
.40 mm
10 mAh
3.7 V
10 mA
-20C° to 60C°
Al foil
25.5 X 29.5
.40 mm
10 mAh
3.7 V
10 mA
-20C° to 60C°
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