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NiMH 3.6V Pack

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Product Abstract:

Battery pack Voltage: 3.6 V Capacity: 450 mAh Chemistry: Ni-MH Size:AA

Product Description

NiMH rechargeable battery pack has high energy density, long cycle life. No Memory Effect, easy operation. Can be charged any time. Fast charging up. Also, it can be designed according to the different requirments, such as differnt shape/capacity/voltage ect. 

* Rated Voltage:3.6V
* Capacity: 450mAh
* Chemistry: Ni-MH Battery
* Made of 3 pcs AA NiMH 450mAh cells
* Rapidly charge up and long cycle life

DVD, MP3, Digital Camera, Portable Computer, Cordless Phone, Electrical toy and so on.

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