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Product Abstract:

Model Number: ER18505, LiSOCL2 Battery, ----1.Excellent performance. 2, Storage life: ≥ 10 years, yearly shelf- discharge≤1%. 3.High and stable operating voltage. 4.UL&ROSH approved.

Product Description

ER18505, LiSOCL2 battery, energy type

Nominal voltage: 3.6V
Nominal capacity: 3800mAh
Dimension: 18.5mm*50.5mm
Maximum pulse current: 200mA
Weight: 30.0g
Operating Temperature: - 55 ~ + 85 Celsius Degree

1.Shelf life:10 yeas.
2.Storage life: ≥ 10 years, yearly shelf- discharge rate≤1%
3.Highest specific capacity(500 wh/kg, 1000wh/ dm3)
4.UL&ROSH approved.

Utility Meters, GPS tracking, Cameras, Memory backup, Real time clock, Car electronics, Alarms or security equipment, Oil exploration, Military Radio communication, and other electric powered devices. 


Specification sheet ER18505
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